Series 4: Books


Scope and content

This series contains books owned or authored by Ted Shawn: Treasure Island -- A Treasury of Prints -- unknown foreign title -- 16 Dances in 16 Rhythms -- The Franchising of Denishawn -- Thirty-Three Years of American Dance and The American Ballet (3 copies) -- Three Prayers (in Labanotation) -- Fundamentals of a Dance Education (2 copies) -- One Thousand and One Night Stands (2 copies, paperback) -- Dance We Must (3 copies, signed by Ted Shawn) -- Every Little Movement (Signed by Ted Shawn) -- How Beautiful Upon the Mountain -- Shawn, The Dancer (signed by Ted Shawn) -- Credo (1 signed by Ted Shawn, plus 2 additional copies/reprints) --Whitman: His Immortal Leaves (includes edits with notes from Ted Shawn, box 141).