Allison Miller

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And Still You Must Swing (musician)
And Still You Must Swing (musical director)
The Blues Project (2013) (dancer)
The Blues Project (2015) (musician)
Camille Swings (musician)
Camille Swings (musical director)
Derick Swings (musician)
Derick Swings (musical director)
Dormeshia Swings (musician)
Dormeshia Swings (musical director)
Jason Swings (musician)
Jason Swings (musical director)
Just Swingin' (musician)
Just Swingin' (musical director)
Rhythm Migration (musician)
Rhythm Migration (artistic director)
Swinging Me Softly (musician)
Swinging Me Softly (musical director)
Swing in The Band (musician)
Swing in The Band (musical director)
Swingin' The Miles (musician)
Swingin' The Miles (musical director)
Swing Out (musician)
Swing Out (musical director)
Related Works
And Still You Must Swing (arranger)
Camille Swings (arranger)
Derick Swings (arranger)
Dormeshia Swings (arranger)
Jason Swings (arranger)
Just Swingin' (arranger)
Rhythm Migration (arranger)
Swinging Me Softly (arranger)
Swing In The Band (arranger)
Swingin' The Miles (arranger)
Swing Out (arranger)