Gilbert Reed; Ted Shawn; Shivaram
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Gilbert Reed; Ted Shawn; Shivaram


August 21 – 22 1953
Demonstration of Kathakali technique; choreography: Shivaram. Portrait of St. Francis of Assisi; choreography: Ted Shawn; music: Respighi. Kamadova; choreography: Shivaram. Invocation to the Thunderbird; choreography: Ted Shawn; music: Sousa. Indra Vigayam; choreography: Shivaram. The Whirling Dervish; choreography: Ted Shawn; music: Fuleihan. The Hermit; choreography: Shivaram. Four Dances based on American Folk Music; choreography: Ted Shawn. The Shropshire Lad; choreography: Gilbert Reed; music: John Hawkins.
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