La Meri letter to Guido Carreras
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La Meri letter to Guido Carreras


October 25 1932
La Meri letter to Guido Carreras. Handwritten in ink. Written in Virginia, en route to Washington, DC. October 25, 1932. Contents include Mimma, Miss Westen, Mme. Coutesini, selling mother's stocks, traveling through Virginia, canceled talks in Charlotte, new apartment, details of her San Antonio stay, Kraus Beck, Mildred Johnson, Catherine (Clark?) & Ed, Pauline Goldsmith, Reynold & Thelma Audricks from Austin, Georges David, Mrs. Raht, Marjorie Riley, the LeBlues, Olivia, Ruth Martock, Louise Berry, Mrs. LB Clegg, Miss Clifton, Miss Dasker, Mrs. Hertzberg, David, Ruth, O Char. George; Grace, Helen Gugenheim, Rae, taking a lesson with Ruth St. Denis, Ruth Chambers (late of the Chicago Opera Ballet), a male dancer of the Bohm Schcool, Marjorie Murry Keller, Henrietta, "the Marquine," the rest talks about her feelings about San Antonio and missing her husband [essentially, a love letter]. Description by Nancy Ruyter and Phoenix Alexander.
10 pages

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