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Red, Gold, and Turquoise Medieval Style Dress, Dance of Theodora


Long red and gold medieval style dress with turquoise and gold detail. Worn by Ruth St. Denis in Dance of Theodora.

Item Details:
The body of the dress is made from red silk crepe applied with a gold stencil pattern of leaves, birds and flowers. The dress fastens at the center back and is formed around a cotton bodice. Three extensions have been stitched into the back. The wide sleeves and hem are trimmed with a band of turquoise silk  divided into squares with gold lurex braid and decorated with pearls and glass gems in blue and pink. Net has been stitched over the shoulders. This appears to be a later remake of St. Denis's costume for Dance of Theodora. In the 1940s St. Denis wore this dress with costume items with C-086_a-b. The dress is extremely fragile and cannot be unfolded, viewing in box only.
Silk, Cotton, Metal, Glass