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Reed Skirts, Maori War Haka (set of seven)


Seven reed style skirts made from paper. Worn by Ted Shawn's Men Dancers in The Maori War Haka (a total of eight Men Dancers were in this work)

Item Details:
Each skirt consists of a woven black and yellow/cream cotton waist band, from this hangs a thick fringe of reeds created from rolls of papers strung on cotton strings and ending in wooden beads. The reeds are cream/yellow with bands of black stripes. They would have been worn with orange cotton trunks (only one pair remain). These would have been worn with wigs C-464_1-8.

C-176_1 Inscribed with Delmar (Frank or John Delmar?)
C-176_2 Inscribed with McCormack (Wilbur McCormack)
C-176_3 Inscribed with F.F. (Foster Fitz-Simons)
C-176_4 No name
C-176_5 No name but the striped pattern appears to match the skirt worn by Shawn. Orange cotton trunks attached. 
C-176_6 Inscribed with B.H.
C-176_7 Inscribed with Fred (Fred Hearn)
Metal, Paper, Cotton

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