Burgundy Cotton Trousers, Unknown Work, Men Dancers (set of fifteen)


Burgundy cotton high waisted trousers with a button fly made by Russell Uniform Co. These trousers were worn by Ted Shawn's Men Dancers in an unknown work. They also appear to have been worn by some members of the Denishawn Company in the early 1930s.

Item Details:
C-322_1 Unreadable label.
C-322_2 Inscribed with NN. This pair also has an attached blue wool sash.
C-322_3 Inscribed with Chuck and Don. This pair also has an attached blue wool sash.
C-322_4 Inscribed UR.
C-322_5 Inscribed Willage.
C-322_6 Inscribed Horn and Altwegg.
C-322_7 Inscribed Andy and FF. (Foster Fitz-Simons)
C-322_8 Inscribed Dennis and Duke. (Dennis Landers)
C-322_9 Inscribed Dennis L, FF, and Fitz. (Dennis Landers, Foster Fitz-Simons)
C-322_10 Inscribed FF, Simons, and Hearn. (Foster Fitz-Simons, Fred Hearn)
C-322_11 Inscribed BM. (Barton Mumaw)
C-322_12 Inscribed BM and Mumaw. (Barton Mumaw)
C-322_13 Inscribed with FO, Pauff, and BM. (Frank Overlees, Barton Mumaw, possibly George Panff?)
C-322_14 Inscribed with Cole, JE, and Coble. (Jack Cole, Harry Coble)
C-322_15 Inscribed with Mac. (Wilbur McCormack)
Cotton, Plastic

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Jack Cole (worn by)
Harry Coble (worn by)
Frank Overlees (worn by)
Barton Mumaw (worn by)
Foster Fitz-Simons (worn by)
Dennis Landers (worn by)
Fred Hearn (worn by)
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