Brown Cotton Trousers with Suede Trim, The Forty Niners, O, Libertad! (set of eight)


Eight pairs of brown cotton twill trousers trimmed with suede fringe. Worn by Ted Shawn's Men Dancers in The Forty Niners, from O, Libertad!

Item Details:
Worn with shirts C-331_1-8.
C-332_1 Inscribed with Mac (Wilbur McCormack).
C-332_2 Inscribed with F Del. (Frank Delmar) and NC (Ned Coupland) Also inside is written 33-31.
C-332_3 Inscribed with Mumaw and BM (Barton Mumaw). Also inside is written 31-30.
C-332_4 Inscribed with J Del. (John Delmar) and BH (?) Also inside is written 33-32.
C-332_5 Inscribed with FF (Foster Fitz-Simons). Also inside is written 33-32.
C-332_6 Inscribed with FBH and FH (Fred Hearn or Fred Howard?) Also inside is written 36.
C-332_7 Inscribed with FO (Frank Overlees). 
C-332_8 Inscribed with DL (Dennis Landers). Also inside is written 33-30.
Leather, Metal, Cotton

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