Raw Silk Trousers, Kinetic Molpai (set of seven)


Set of seven pairs of wide leg soft brown raw silk trousers, repaired and patched, with a side hook and bar fastening. Worn by Ted Shawn's Men Dancers in Kinetic Molpai.

Item Details:
The trousers are lined with cotton to the knee. These trousers appear to have first been made for the Men Dancers and then used again in the 1962 revival.

C-661_1 Inscribed with the name L. Falco (Louis Falco, 1962) and J. Delmar (John Delmar, 1930s).
C-661_2 Inscribed with the name K. Scott (Kenneth Scott, 1962).
C-661_3 Inscribed with the initials W.F (Wesley Fata, 1962).
C-661_4 Inscribed with the name Ken Scott (Kenneth Scott, 1962).
C-661_5 Inscribed with the name G. Solomons, Jr. (Gus Solomons, Jr. 1962).
C-661_6 Inscribed with the name F. Delmar (Frank Delmar, 1930s) and Bruce (Bruce Becker, 1962).
C-661_7 Inscribed with the name N. Walker (Norman Walker, 1962).

These trousers were possibly made from fabric woven by Eva Sikelianos. 
Cotton, Metal, Silk

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