The Land on Which We Dance: Inside/Out

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Coal Rietenbach
August 7 2019
Perles Family Studio
Medicine Dance; performance: Shae LeBeau (Cheyenne River Sioux from South Dakota).  Traditional War Dance; performance: Hector Le Beau (Cheyenne River Sioux from South Dakota).  Smoke Dance; performance: Shae LeBeau.  Men's Chicken Dance; performance: Tyrenn Lodgepole (Navajo).  Men's Fancy War Dance; performance: Kenneth Shirley (Navajo).  Calumet; performance: Wampanoag Nation Singers and Dancers, Shae LeBeau.  Eastern Blanket Dance; performance: Wampanoag Nation Singers and Dancers.  From the Black Mountain; performance: Martha Redbone (Cherokee/Shawnee/Choctaw), Soni Moreno (Mayan/Apache/Yaqui).  Immaculate Woman; performance: Martha Redbone, Soni Moreno.  Nipmuc Welcome Song; performance: Larry Spotted Crow Mann (Nipmuc).  Traditional Eastern Woodland Song; performance: Larry Spotted Crow Mann.  Song for Mothers; performance: Martha Redbone, Soni Moreno.  Welcoming Chant; performance: Elsie Kaleihulukea Ryder (Native Moloka'i Hawaii).  Creation Hula; performance: Elsie Kaleihulukea Ryder, Christopher K. Morgan (Native Hawaii).  Haka; performance: Eddie Elliott (Māori from Tainui).  Hoop Dance (not traditional); performance: Cameron Fraser Monroe (Tla'amin First Nation).  Whale Story; performance: Emily Johnson (Yup'ik).  Sneak Up; performance: Hector LeBeau.  Side Step; performance: Shae LeBeau.  Dance; performance: Tyrenn Lodgepole, Kenneth Shirley.  Round Dance; performance: Wampanoag Nation Singers and Dancers, Shae LeBeau, Tyrenn Lodgepole, Kenneth Shirley.  This performance was part of The Land on Which We Dance, the Pillow's week-long celebration of Indigenous peoples and cultures.
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