Dance of the Ages

Creation Date
Dance of the Ages; choreography: Ted Shawn and company members; music: Jess Meeker; performed by Ted Shawn's Men Dancers. Contains: Prelude: Spirits of the Earth (choreographed and danced by Barton Mumaw; Mass (ensemble); Vegetation (ensemble); Animal Study (choreographed and danced by Fred Hearn); Labor Unaided (ensemble); The Village Craftsmen (ensemble); The Ward Healer (Ted Shawn and ensemble); The Political Machine (Frank and John Delmar and ensemble); Sport (choreographed by Wilbur McCormack, danced by McCormack and Mumaw); Entrance and Dance of the Demagogue (Ted Shawn and ensemble.)
Country of Origin
United States
Related Productions
Barcarolle, July 22 – 23 1949
Dance of the Ages (excerpt) (2017), July 12 2017
Work Credits
Jess Meeker (composer)
Ted Shawn (choreographer)