ETM: Double Down

Creation Date
ETM: Double Down is a reimagined and expanded take on ETM: The Initial Approach, created by Dorrance Dance and premiered at the Pillow in 2014.
Country of Origin
United States
Live instrumental music; sound score created by dancers, musicians, and invented looping instruments; additional recorded music by Adele Adkins, Karin Dreijer Andersson, Olof Dreijer, Justin Vernon, Patrick Watson.
Related Productions
Boards and Chains (excerpt from ETM: Double Down), June 25 2016
ETM: Double Down, August 10 – 14 2016
ETM: Double Down (2016), April 17 2016
Work Credits
Shiori Ichikawa (costume designer)
Amy Page (costume designer)
Len Burton (costume designer)
Nicholas Van Young (creator)
Michelle Dorrance (creator)
Michelle Dorrance (choreographer)
Nicholas Van Young (choreographer)
Ephrat (Bounce) Asherie (choreographer)
Warren Craft (composer)
Donovan Dorrance (composer)
Michelle Dorrance (composer)
Aaron Marcellus (composer)
Gregory Richardson (composer)
Nicholas Van Young (composer)