Sunset, o639 Hours

Creation Date
Scenes: i. Dec 26, 1937: The Samoan Clipper Flies into Auckland ii. Prime Minister of New Zealand Welcomes the Captain and Crew iii. Letter from Francis Elisabeth in San Francisco to William in Auckland iv. Dec 31, 1937: New Year's Eve v. People>Birds>Planes vi. Jan 2, 1938: The Inaugural Airmail Flight Departs to Samoa vii. Letter from The Native Land Titles Administration in New Zealand to Mrs Ele'ele Hinatea Huihana Tuitama in Samoa viii. Jan 2, 1938: Landing in Samoa ix. Jan 3, 1938: Crew Refuel in Samoa x. Jan 4 1938: Flight to Honolulu xi. Jan 5 1938: Week Off in Hawaii xii. The Captain Yearns for His Wife xiii. Letter from George in Honolulu to Shirley in New Zealand xiv. Jan 11, 1938: Captain Musick's Final Flight xv. The Ocean of Ghosts
Country of Origin
United States
Composed by Rosie Langabeer
Related Productions
Sunset, o639 Hours, July 20 – 24 2016
Work Credits
Rosie Langabeer (composer)
Matthew Neenan (choreographer)
Andrew Mars (composer)