The Art & Science of Partnering

Sommers Studio
Event Date
July 24 – 28 2019
Sommers Studio transformed into an interactive research laboratory where movement becomes the primary tool of research. Harvard University Fellow Ilya Vidrin’s Reciprocity Collaborative brings together expertise of Argentinian Tango, Latin/Ballroom Technique, Classical Pas de Deux, and Contact Improvisation to further develop mobile interface technology that investigates the aesthetic ideals and ethical dimensions of partnering.
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Tethered (2019), July 24 2019
First Fall (2019), July 27 2019
L'un L'autre (One Another) (2019), July 25 2019
Event Credits
Sylvain Lafortune (participated)
Raymond Pinto (participated)
Valeria Solomonoff (participated)
Angela Falk (participated)
Ilya Vidrin (participated)
Sue Murad (participated)
Peter Martel (participated)
Iris Platt (participated)
Orlando Reyes (participated)
Jessi Stegall (participated)
Annick Hamel (participated)