The Land on Which We Dance

Grounds;Inside/Out Stage;Doris Duke Theatre;Blake's Barn
Event Date
August 7 – 11 2019
The Land On Which We Dance at Jacob’s Pillow is a week-long celebration of Indigenous past, present, and future. Since its founding in 1933, Jacob’s Pillow has engaged with Indigenous peoples, cultures, and traditions, and The Land On Which We Dance serves to revitalize the Pillow’s commitment to acknowledging the first inhabitants of the land through elevating Indigenous work.
From August 7 through August 11, the Pillow’s campus will be illuminated with an exchange of song, dance, storytelling, and conversation bringing together local Indigenous peoples with contemporary artists based in the U.S. and Canada, and inviting all to participate. Sandra Laronde of Red Sky Performance has worked with Jacob’s Pillow to curate this celebration, in association with Christopher K. Morgan and Larry Spotted Crow Mann.
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Event Credits
Sandra Laronde (participated)
Larry Spotted Crow Mann (participated)
Christopher K. Morgan (participated)