Diversion of Angels (2019)

August 18 2019
Special outdoor performance at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

The Couple in White: Leslie Andrea Williams, Lorenzo Pagano
The Couple in Red: So Young An, Lloyd Knight
The Couple in Yellow: Laurel Dalley Smith, Jacob Larsen
Works Performed
Diversion of Angels
Related Company
Martha Graham Dance Company
Production Credits
Martha Graham Dance Company (company)
Leslie Andrea Williams (dancer)
Lorenzo Pagano (dancer)
So Young An (dancer)
Lloyd Knight (dancer)
Laurel Dalley Smith (dancer)
Jacob Larsen (dancer)
Charlotte Landreau (dancer)
Marzia Memoli (dancer)
Anne O'Donnell (dancer)
Anne Souder (dancer)
Alessio Crognale (dancer)
Martha Graham (costume designer)
Janet Eilber (artistic director)