• Borrowed Light
    Tero Saarinen Company
    Photograph, 2012
  • Bongo Creole
    Elliot Gillette, Charles Moore and Dances and Drums of Africa
    Photograph, 1978
  • Fetish
    Barton Mumaw
  • Made in Japan
    Manuel Alum
    Photograph, 1981
  • Blue Print of A Lady: The Once and Future Life of Billie Holiday
    Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, Nnenna Freelon
    Photograph, 2005
  • Alice in the Garden
    Jacob's Pillow Dancers, Joyce Cuoco, Richard Hoskinson, Ruth Page
    Photograph, 1970
  • Pas de Six from Napoli, Act III
    Soloists of The Royal Danish Ballet
    Photograph, 1977
  • Display
    Charles Moulton, Barbara Allen, Beatrice Bogorad
    Photograph, 1981
  • Miller Melange
    Yvonne Marceau, Gary Pierce, Pierre Dulaine, Lori Pierce, Peter Maxwell, Vicki Regan
    Photograph, July 1982
  • Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder
    Donald McKayle & Company
    Photograph, 1961
  • Invisible Wings
    Zaccho Dance Theatre
    Photograph, 2007
  • Black Swan Pas de Deux
    Ann Marie de Angelo
    Photograph, 1977
  • Melissa Hayden and other members of American Ballet Theatre in "Interplay"
    Melissa Hayden
    Photograph, 1947
  • Little Improvisations
    Johan Renvall, Madeleine Onne
  • Banner Bearer
    Barton Mumaw
  • Winning Teams
    Peter Maxwell, Vicki Regan
    Photograph, 1982
  • Dance of Red and Gold Sari
    Elisa Monte
    Photograph, 1982
  • Red & Gold Sari
    Elisa Monte
    Photograph, 1982
  • Winning Teams
    Yvonne Marceau, Vicki Regan, Lori Pearce
    Photograph, 1982
  • Authentic Siamese Dance
    Xenia Zarina
  • Banner Bearer
    David Brown
    Photograph, 1982
  • La Valse
    Nicholas Magallanes, Tanaquil LeClercq
  • Full Circle (Unidentified Students)
    Jacob's Pillow Dancers, Daniel McCusker
    Photograph, 1985
  • The Rose House
    Herbert Ross
    Photograph, 1950
  • New Age Video Disc
    Stephan Driscoll, Clive Thompson Dance Company
    Photograph, 1982
  • Among the Stars
    Jessica Lang Dance, Clifton Brown, Maggie Small
    Photograph, 2012
  • AGWA
    Mourad Merzouki, Compagnie Kafig
    Photograph, 2012
  • Adagio for Two Dancers
    Kim Abkemeier, Marc Ozanich, Ohio Ballet
    Photograph, 1977
  • Ballet Project
    Jacob's Pillow Dancers, Tami Vinig, Henriette Muus
    Photograph, 1983
  • Bundo
    Charles Moore and Dances and Drums of Africa
    Photograph, 1978
  • Bach Suite
    Barton Mumaw
  • Waltz & Liebestraum
    Cynthia Gregory
    Photograph, 1982
  • Flower Festival in Genzano
    Anette Amand, Jorn Madsen
    Photograph, 1961
  • Jacob's Pillow Concerto
    Ted Shawn, Jess Meeker
    Photograph, 1939


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Pierrot in the Dead City

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Barton Mumaw, one of Ted Shawn’s Men Dancers, poses in costume for the solo dance Pierrot in the Dead City, photographed on the Tea Garden platform. Photo by John Lindquist, ©Harvard Theatre Collection.

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Early Life at the Pillow, 1930s-1950s

Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn on Hunter House porch, 1955

Lindquist / Lundqvist

Barton Mumaw (left) by John Lindquist, 1940
Garrett Ammon (right) by Jonas Lundqvist, 2006

Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers, 1930s

Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers in "Dance of the Ages"


Ruth St. Denis with Denishawn students, 1918

Building the Ted Shawn Theatre

 Construction site of the Ted Shawn Theatre, 1942

The School at Jacob's Pillow

Ballet dancer, teacher and choreographer, Margaret Craske leading a class for students studying at Jacob's Pillow.