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Accessing Archival Resources

This online resource was designed to enable users to search the contents of the Jacob's Pillow Dance Archives, and see listings of the items and videos that are available for onsite viewing and research.

To begin the simplest kind of search, you can type a single name into the empty box at left and click on Search. (This will work best for an unusual name such as "Stravinsky" or "Tharp" but will cause complications with more common names like "Morris" or "Brown.") When you get the search results, click on each entry to expand the listing and see more details. TIP: If you are presented with a list of several items, use your browser's "Back" button to return to this list after viewing each individual item.

To search for a specific person, dance title, or company, type the full name in the box and then click on the + next to the Search Box.

image of expanded search box

When you see the screen reproduced above, choose "Exact Match" and then click on "Search" in order to find the name just as you have entered it. (Without this extra step, you will be retrieving all records containing EITHER the first or last name.) Some examples of searches you might conduct in this way are Lar Lubovitch Dance Company, Philip Glass, Wendy Whelan, or Christopher Wheeldon. TIP: When an individual catalog record displays names underlined like this, you can click on the name to find other records including that same name.

For more specific searches, you may need to click on the words "Advanced Search" after clicking the + sign. This will open an additional window allowing more search options. Here you can target your search to include only videos from a certain year, for instance, or click the "Browse All" tab to see all records in the database.

GENERAL TIP: After you have executed a search and are viewing a specific record, you may see arrows on the bottom left and right side of your screen indicating "Previous Item" and "Next Item". These arrows will NOT lead to other records that meet your search terms; they will instead display the records originally entered into the system just before and just after the one you're viewing.

While your search results will let you know what videos and other archival materials exist in the Jacob's Pillow Dance Archives, none of these materials are accessible online on this site (though excerpts from hundreds of videos may be viewed through Jacob's Pillow Dance Interactive). The archival resources identified by your online searches may be accessed only at Jacob's Pillow in Becket, Massachusetts.

For more information, contact Norton Owen, Director of Preservation: nowen@jacobspillow.org