• Dugso - The Offering
    Alice Reyes, Cultural Center of the Philippines Dance Company
    Photo: John Lindquist (1977)
  • Sung Hae Oh
    Sung Hae Oh
    Photo: John Lindquist (1967)
  • Huhteun Choom
    Korean Traditional Music And Dance Institute
    Photo: Christopher Duggan (2011)
  • Naga Nirtham
    Photo: John Lindquist (1977)
  • Poong Go
    Korean Traditional Music And Dance Institute
    Photo: Christopher Duggan (2011)
  • Indo-American Dance Group
    Indo-American Dance Group
    Photo: John Lindquist (1967)
  • Taiwan Temple Festival
    Hung-Sheng Lion Dance Theatre, Yuan-Jung Chang, Li-Chuang Liao
    Photo: Yana Kraeva (2005)
  • El Jerezano
    Maria Alba Spanish Dance Company, Miguel Angel, Orlando Romero
    Photo: John Lindquist (1971)
  • Napoli
    Soloists of The Royal Danish Ballet
    Photo: Stephan Driscoll (1982)
  • Sung Hae Oh
    Sung Hae Oh
    Photo: John Lindquist (1967)
  • Shivaram, Ted Shawn, Louise Lightfoot
    Shivaram, Ted Shawn, Louise Lightfoot
    Photo: John Lindquist (1953)
  • Siva
    Ram Gopal
    Photo: John Lindquist (1954)
  • Borrowed Light
    Tero Saarinen Company, Tero Saarinen
    Photo: Christopher Duggan (2012)
  • Taiwan Temple Festival
    Hung-Sheng Lion Dance Theatre, Yuan-Jung Chang, Li-Chuang Liao
    Photo: Yana Kraeva (2005)
  • Entrelacs
    Claude Bessy, Attilio Labis, Claire Motte, Christiane Vlassi, Cyril Atanasoff, Juan Giuliano, Paris Opera Ballet
    Photo: John Lindquist (1963)
  • Black Swan Pas de Deux
    Liane Daydé, Serge Golovine
    Photo: John Lindquist
  • Ten Young Danes of the Royal Danish Ballet with Ted Shawn at Pillow Rock
    Ted Shawn
    Photo: John Lindquist (1961)
  • Bundo
    Charles Moore, Charles Moore and Dances and Drums of Africa
    Photo: John Van Lund (1978)
  • Teokila A'asa in front of Ted Shawn Theatre
    Teokila A'asa
    Photo: John Lindquist (1961)
  • Over/Come
    ASzURe & Artists, Aszure Barton
    Photo: Christopher Duggan (2006)
  • AGWA
    Mourad Merzouki, Compagnie Kafig
    Photo: Christopher Duggan (2012)
  • Ted Shawn with Ximenez-Vargas at Pillow Rock
    Sara de Luis, Manolo Vargas, Ted Shawn, Roberto Ximenez
    Photo: John Lindquist (1958)


Discover the rich history of Jacob’s Pillow through an extensive online collection of photographs and festival programs. Search our entire collection of moving images, books, correspondence and other materials to learn more about past performances and artists, including Ted Shawn, Ted Shawn's Men Dancers, and the Denishawn Company.

The Story of Jacob's Pillow

The Story of Jacob's Pillow

Featured Image

Choreographic Innovation at the Pillow

IMAGE: The Story of Jacob's Pillow, pamphlet produced by Jacob’s Pillow in 1969.

LINKED ARCHIVAL MATERIAL: To read The Story of Jacob's Pillow online, please click on the image. 

Ted Shawn bought Jacob’s Pillow in 1931 as an artistic retreat, and since its nascent stages, the Pillow has served as a home for artistic experimentation and creation. The grounds were the site in which Ted Shawn founded and based Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers, over the course of the company’s seven-year tenure 1933-1940. The annual famed summer Dance Festival descends from a series of “Tea Lecture Demonstrations” that Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers used as a means to present their work to the public and earn a living. As the Pillow has grown and expanded in the nine decades since its founding, the site has played host to numerous choreographers in residence, commissioned a number of works, and also been the site of choreographic and company debuts. 

Choreographic Innovation at the Pillow provides a small glimpse as to how Jacob’s Pillow has been a site for dancemakers to create and develop their work. This exhibition is by no means a complete inventory of all the works which have been created and premiered at the Pillow, nor a listing of the many artists who have made and shown work; the Pillow’s long history as a site for dancemaking renders that almost impossible. Rather, what I hope this particular selection of archival materials brings forward is insight into the multiple ways choreographic innovation has manifested at the Pillow over the years, and what is possible when dancemaking is given a space to develop.   

Choreographic Innovation at the Pillow was curated by Emma Clarke as part of a master’s practicum with the Jacob’s Pillow Archives in 2021. My sincere thanks to Norton Owen and Patsy Gay for their invaluable support and insight.

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Ralph Lemon and Alissa Hsu

Dramaturgy and Dance

The use of dramaturgy in American theatre and dance is a relatively recent development; while in Europe and other parts of the world, dramaturgs are deeply embedded in the fields of dance, theatre, and music. This online exhibit explores some crucial questions in relation to the history and current practice of dramaturgy in dance through looking at examples from the Jacob's Pillow Archives. Written by Gaven D. Trinidad, dramaturg and 2017 Jacob's Pillow Archives/Engagement intern.

Jacobs Pillow Remembers

2008-2017 Jacob's Pillow Remembers

Browse these posthumous remembrances written by Norton Owen, Director of Preservation at Jacob's Pillow, of all kinds of constituents—performers, students, interns, board members, neighbors, and others—who have all enriched the Pillow community. (Note: When you click on an image, the corresponding text will appear at the top of the page.)

Carmen de Lavallade in "As I Remember It"

Images from Pillow Past

Carmen de Lavallade, recent Kennedy Center Honors recipient, is celebrated in a new online essay by Maura Keefe.

2018 Jacobs Pillow Remembers

2018 Jacob's Pillow Remembers

By Norton Owen

Lindquist / Lundqvist - Set 1;Lindquist / Lundqvist - Set 2;Lindquist / Lundqvist - Set 4;Lindquist / Lundqvist - Set 3;Lindquist / Lundqvist - Set 5 ;Lindquist / Lundqvist - Set 6;Lindquist / Lundqvist - Set 7;Lindquist / Lundqvist - Set 8;Lindquist / Lundqvist - Set 9;Lindquist / Lundqvist - Set 10

Lindquist / Lundqvist

This photo exhibit, shown onsite in 2008, pairs archival photographs by longtime Pillow photographer John Lindquist with contemporary images of the Trey McIntyre Project by Finnish photographer Jonas Lundqvist.

Pillow Snapshots, 1930s-1950s

View of the Hunter House porch, before the upper porch was screened in the 1960s.

The School at Jacob's Pillow

Ballet dancer, teacher and choreographer, Margaret Craske leading a class for students studying at Jacob's Pillow.
Photo: John Van Lund