Jody Currie / Rose Lorenz Collection



Gift of Jody Currie

Scope and content

Notes on dances by Ted Shawn and Ruth St. Denis, including: Nautch Studies; Dance of the Black and Gold Sari; Green Nautch; Lazy Nautch; Madrasi Nautch; Street Nautch; Nautch; Malay Duet; Javanese Dance; Siamese Dance; Algerian Dance; Balinese Dance; Japanese Dance for Children (Austin); Turkey in the Straw; Viva Faroan; Danza Afro-Cubana; Tension and Relaxation; Pioneers' Dance; A Classic Adagio to "Dithyrambe" by Josef Strauss; Sonatina; Scales of Lightness; Leaping Study; Walk Together Children; Jacob's Ladder; Evolution of Prayer; Chopin Prelude; Ted Shawn's Thirty New Ballet Technique Combinations; Primitive Rhythms; Lal; Shawn's Lecture on Delsarte; Notes on Costume Lecture; East Indian Nautch Study; Javanese Study; Indienne; Flamenco Dance; Amina; Sombra; Alegrias; Flor de Triana; Chair Spanish; Espana Mia; El Jaleo; Espana Cani; Shuh Plattl; A Bavarian Holiday; Se Saran Rose; The French Sailor; Geometric; Dance Styrienne; Frohsinn; Pieces Froides; Viennese Vignette; Red Radiance; Nadia; Herd Girl's Dream; The Gracious Maid; Choeur Danse; Der Rosenkavalier; Mazurka; Mignardises; Serenade D'Amour; Brahms Waltzes; Wanderer's Lied; Max Reger; Tango; La Zingana; Lonesome Road; Doxology; Osage Pawnee Dance of Greeting; American Indian Rhythms; Mazurek; Quasi Marche