Series 6: Books


Scope and content

Books on the subject of dance; books that belonged to Ted Shawn, a collection of books by Lucien Price; most are inscribed to Barton Mumaw or Ted Shawn

Collection Contents

"16 Dances in 16 Rhythms" by Ted Shawn, 1956, Folder 24
"All Souls, volume 1: Helias Regained" by Lucien Price, 1957, Folder 14
"All Souls, volume 2: The Great Companions" by Lucien Price, 1962, Folder 15
"All Souls, volume 4: The Sacred Legion (Davencliffe, Book 2) by Lucien Price, 1955, Folder 16
"All Souls, volume 4: The Sacred Legion (Lion of Charonaea, Book 3) by Lucien Price, 1954, Folder 17
"All Souls, volume 4: The Sacred Legion (Thunderhead, Book 4) by Lucien Price, 1951, Folder 18
"All Souls, volume 8: October Rhapsody by Lucien Price, 1958, Folder 19
"Ballet & Modern Dance" by Susan Au, 1988, Folder 25
Commemorative china plate: The President's First Birthday in the White House, 1953, Folder 31
"Dance Chronicle, Studies in Dance and the Related Arts," Volume Twelve, Number Three, 1989, Folder 9
"Dance Memoranda" by Merle Armitage, 1946, Folder 4
"Dance We Must" by Ted Shawn, 1950, Folder 3
"Daniel Nagrin, A Chronicle of His Professional Career" by Christena L. Schlundt, 1997, Folder 6
"English Ballet" by Janet Leeper, 1944, Folder 27
"Every Little Movement, A book about Francoise Delsarte" by Ted Shawn, 1954, Folder 23
"Hamlet and Miracle in the Gorbals", 1949, Folder 29
"Litany for All Souls" by Lucien Price, 1945, Folder 20
"Mumaw" (publicity piece, 1940s), , Folder 5
"Prometheus, A Memoir of Lucien Price" by W. Raymond McClure, 1965, Folder 22
"Shawn's Fundamentals of Dance" edited by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1988, Folder 8
"Shawn the Dancer" by Katherine S. Dreier, 1933, Folder 1
"The Ballet-Lover's Pocket-Book" by Kay Ambrose, 1944, Folder 26
"The Classical Tradition in Poetry" by Gilbert Murray, 1930, Folder 13
"The Dance" by John Martin, 1946, Folder 2
"The Greek Genuis and its Meaning to us" by R. W. Livingstone, 1933, Folder 11
"The Missino of Greece" edited by R. W. Livingstone, 1928, Folder 12
"The Professional Appearances of Ted Shawn & his Men Dancers" by Christena L. Schlundt, 1967, Folder 7
"The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam", , Folder 30
"Time and Chance" by Elbert Hubbard (2 volumes), 1899, Folder 10
"We Northmen" by Lucien Price, 1936, Folder 21
"William Blake" by Anthony Bertram, 1948, Folder 28