Betty Poindexter

Betty Poindexter was born in 1930 in Cleburne, Texas, and she was closely associated with the Pillow from 1961 to 1976. She earned her masters degree and doctorate from Texas Woman's University and headed the dance program at Georgia College in Milledgeville for many years. Her 1963 doctoral dissertation was entitled "Ted Shawn: His Personal Life, His Professional Career, and His Contributions to the Development of Dance in the United States of America from 1891 to 1963" and the research she conducted for this study remains a valuable primary resource. Referring to this work, Shawn wrote, "I, personally, am deeply grateful to her for having got down into permanent record so complete and so factual a record of my life and career." She filled a variety of roles here, at various times performing with the Jacob's Pillow Dancers, studying on scholarship, working as a driver, serving as registrar for The School, and running the box office. In 1970, she taught dance composition as a regular member of the faculty. She was a close friend to Grace Badorek, the Pillow's longtime business manager. After her retirement from Georgia College, she returned to her native Texas and donated a wealth of unique documents to the Pillow Archives. She died in her hometown in March 2011.
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