Herve Koubi

Of Algerian origin, and with a diploma achieved in a Doctorate of Pharmacology/ Clinical Biology he has equally developed his career as a dancer-choreographer at the faculty of Aix Marseille.
He started his studies in dance in Cannes with Michele and Anne-Marie Sanguin, and with Mathalie Crimi (cofounders of Espace 614 at Mouans-Sartoux). He pursued his development at the Centre International de Danse Rosella Hightower in Cannes, then with the Opéra de Marseille.

Hervé KOUBI has worked with Jean-Charles Gil, Jean-Christophe Pare, Emilio Calcagno and Barbara Sarreau (all of whom greatly influenced the Ballet Preljocaj). In 1999 he joined the Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes managed by Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche for the creation Hôtel Central (2000). 
He then worked with Karine Saporta at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen for the piece entitled Le Garage, has worked on the mystic Rock (2001) and with Thierry Smits - Compagnie Thor in Brussels for the creation called Relief d’un banquet (2003) and also on the tour of the work named D’Orient to the international (2008-2009).
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