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Seven Statements of Survival: Conversations with Dance Professionals


192 p. : ill. (b&w) ; 16 x 24 cm. + The New York Times Arts & Leisure review (1 p. ; 14 x 21.5 cm.)

"Seven Statements of Survival: Conversations with Dance Professionals is a 21st century response to Selma Jeanne Cohen's landmark work, The Modern Dance: Seven Statements of Belief. The book consists of seven interviews with exemplary dance professionals including dance writer Deborah Jowitt, dancers/choreographers Carolyn Carlson and Garth Fagan, dance administrator Andrea Snyder, dance anthropologist JoAnn Keali'inohomoku, dance educator Bill Evans and dance librarian Madeleine Nichols. The interviews focus on personal anecdotes and explanations of career choices made by the interviewees. This collection of their stories in the challenging field of contemporary dance, told with humor, insight and sometimes, regret aims to be both an inspirational resource for future dance professionals as well as a companion to the thousands of dedicated people of all ages who continue to serve the dance every beautiful, crazy, frustrating, wonderful day." -- from Rosen Publishing website. Includes two passing mentions of Jacob's Pillow.

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