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Total Education In Ethnic Dance


La Meri
127 p. : ill. (b&w) ; 16 x 23 cm. 
Edition signed by La Meri and Larry Humphries held in vault
"In this book, La Meri synthesizes the experiences of her career for the benefit of students and followers of the dance alike.
As a total education, the book pays careful attention to all aspects of ethnic dance, including use of the body, social customs, religious beliefs, history, and origins. This material is essential to the dancer if the resulting performance is not to be superficial, and it is fascinating for the general reader as well. Included in the book are descriptions of La Meri's cross-cultural explorations rechoreographing the classical ballet Swan Lake in Hindu idiom and setting Bharata Natyam of South India to the music of Bach. The historical material sets the stage for an understanding of such Spanish dances as the flamenco and the bolero and of several dances of India. La Meri also outlines and explains the set of body controls she calls the 'within techniques.' so important to her teachings." -- from back of book 

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