• Headdress and Jewelry, Kuan Yin (ensemble)
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Headdress and Jewelry, Kuan Yin (ensemble)
Headdress and Jewelry, Kuan Yin (ensemble)

Headdress and Jewelry, Kuan Yin (ensemble)


Headdress and two pieces of body jewelry. Worn by Ruth St. Denis in Kuan Yin.

Item Details:
C-022_a A three pointed headdress made from buckram, canvas, wire and gold lamé fabric. The whole headdress is covered with a mixture of beads, pearls, covered wire, feather details, and buttons. A brass Buddha is center front. The side of the headdress extends down to look like two long pearl earrings. At the back is a large bow/flower of wired pearls.
C-022_b A necklace and medallion that then extends down and around the waist. The necklace is made from a mixture of contemporary necklaces, beads (plastic, wood, and painted glass), and gold lurex braid. The medallion is made from a mixture similar to that of the headdress; beads, pearls and buttons.
C-022_c A piece of body jewelry worn around the hips and legs. The piece is made from a mixture of metal belt sections (some pieces backed with tan chiffon), brass and plastic belt buckles, contemporary beaded necklaces, and lurex braid. These items all appear to date from St. Denis' second costume for Kuan Yin, in the 1920s, and were worn with a long gold lamé scarf and a flesh colored leotard and skirt (not in the collection).
Canvas, Cotton, Metal, Glass, Wood, Silk, Feather, Plastic

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