Radha Headdress and Accessories, Radha (ensemble)


Headdress, two arms bands, and a calf band. Worn by Ruth St. Denis in her 1940s revival of Radha.

Item Details:
C-023_a A cone shaped buckram headdress covered with gold lurex fabric. The headdress is decorated with gold colored leather leaves, and four clusters of red and green glass gems mounted on decorative metal bases. A fine metal band encircles the top. The headdress appears to have been partially taken apart and seems to be missing many details.
C-023_b-c Two arms bands formed of two clusters of clear, red, and green glass gems mounted on metal bases and joined together by two strips of elastic. The clusters are backed with stocking fabric so as not to rub the wearer's arms.
C-023_d A band very similar to C-023_b-c but larger and most likely worn on the calf. Originally it would have been one of a pair.
St. Denis appears to have had multiple version of her Radha costume.
Metal, Nylon, Cotton, Brass, Glass, Leather, Elastic

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