Remake of Green and Purple Headdresses, Xochitl, Emperor Tepancaltzin's Dancing Girls (set of seven)


A set of seven Aztec style headdresses. Worn by seven female Denishawn dancers in the role of the Emperor Tepancaltzin's Dancing Girls (A total of six dancing girls performed in this role) in Xochitl.

Item Details:
Orange silk noil (raw silk) headband with an applied band of soft green silk noil. On this has been stitched purple wool thread in the shape of a triangle. From each side of the headband hangs down a disc of soft green silk noil. This has been decorated with purple stitching. The bottom edges were originally decorated with gold painted seed pods (many missing). They are fastened with a hook and bar at the back. These seven headdresses appear to be remakes dating from the early to mid 1920s. The names inside correspond to the 1925 company tour. These headdresses appear to have been worn with skirts C-139_1-5, belts C-138_1-5, shorts C-141_1-4, and cuffs C-135_1-6_a-d.

C-133_1 Inscribed with Jane (Jane Sherman)
C-133_2 Inscribed with Mary (written over Louise) (Mary Howry, Louise Brooks)
C-133_3 Inscribed with Edith (Edith James)
C-133_4 No name
C-133_5 Inscribed with Ann (Ann Douglas)
C-133_6 Inscribed with Tiny (written over Theresa) (Ernestine Day, Theresa Sadowska)
C-133_7 Inscribed with Ara (Ara Martin)
Silk, Cotton, Metal, Wool, Wood