Remake of Green and Purple Geometric Patterned Skirts, Xochitl, Emperor Tepancaltzin's Dancing Girls (set of six)


Six purple and green silk noil skirts decorated with purple, black, and orange wool embroidery. Worn by six female Denishawn dancers in the role of the Emperor Tepancaltzin's Dancing Girls in Xochitl.

Item Details:
Each skirt is made from green silk noil and had a peplum of green silk noil around the waist. Both layers are decorated with a geometric pattern of embroidered wool in black, green, purple, and orange. The peplum was originally trimmed with gold painted seed pods (most now missing). Around the waist is a wide belt of black silk noil decorated with an embroidered pattern in purple, orange, and green. These skirts appear to be remakes of the original costumes. The names inside correspond to the 1925 company tour (there are old unreadable labels underneath). These skirts appear to be from a second costume worn by Emperor Tepancaltzin's Dancing Girls in Xochitl and were most likely worn with collars C-146_1-6.

C-147_1 Inscribed with Edith (Edith James)
C-147_2 Inscribed with Mary (Mary Howry)
C-147_3 Inscribed with Day (Ernestine Day)
C-147_4 Inscribed with Ann (Ann Douglas)
C-147_5 Inscribed with Jane (Jane Sherman)
C-147_6 Inscribed with Ara (Ara Martin)
Wood, Cotton, Metal, Silk

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