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Cream Hand-painted Capes, The Feather of the Dawn, Finale (set of seven)


Seven cream canvas hand-painted capes with wool tassels. Worn by female dancers (seven in total) of the Denishawn Company in the finale from The Feather of the Dawn.

Item Details:
Each cape consists of a large rectangle of heavy cream canvas. At one end a deep border of brightly colored geometric patterning has been hand-painted, a small border mirrors this at the other end. On each corner is stitched a large wool tassel. A hook and bar have been stitched part way down the long side of the rectangle to fasten the cape. The capes were worn with elaborate masks depicting various Hopi gods in the work's finale. These capes are based on traditional Hopi Tribe costume.

C-157_1 Inscribed with Mary (Mary Howry)
C-157_2 Inscribed with Jane and Ruth (Jane Sherman and Ruth Austin)
C-157_3 Inscribed with Doris, Ara, and Ann (Doris Humphrey, Ara Martin, and Ann Douglas)
C-157_4 Inscribed with Edith and Anna Austin (Edith James and Anna Austin)
C-157_5 Inscribed with Bee and Pauline (Beatrice Allen and Pauline Lawrence) 
C-157_6 Inscribed with Jordie (Georgia Graham)
C-157_7 Inscribed with Ann and Mir (Ann Douglas and ?)
Cotton, Metal, Wool

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