Decorated Black Velvet Loincloths, Ponca Indian Dance (set of four)


Four black velvet loincloths, lined with red cotton and decorated with beadwork, feathers, and sequins. Worn by Ted Shawn's Men Dancers in Ponca Indian Dance (a total of five Men Dancers were in this work)

Item Details:
Each loincloth consists of a black velvet jockstrap with a square panel at the front decorated with a pattern of colored beadwork and buttons. At the back hangs down a long panel decorated with large sequins, beads, and feathers. Both panels are edged in red cotton.
The loincloths appear to have been worn in an earlier work possibly with Denishawn or brought from another company by Shawn. As well as the Men Dancers names the names of other men and two women (?) are stitched inside.

C-171_1 Inscribed with Grahan Pearce
C-171_2 Inscribed with Louis, and F.H (Fred Hearn)
C-171_3 Inscribed with Richard, Vivian Pondo, and Mac (Wilbur McCormack)
C-171_4 Inscribed with Mary Lou Dettmar
Metal, Cotton, Plastic, Glass

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