There Might Be Others


192 p. : ill. (b&w) ; 23 x 23 cm.
"This document is a collection of propositions. It contains the dance and music score, performer instructions, guiding principles, and notes on the collaborations that led to the creation of the performance of There Might Be Others. In publishing this document the work becomes an open source for any reiterations, reimaginings, and repurposings. It is a field guide to a process of collective composition, an archive of a project, and presents the score as a set of possibilities to be taken in parts or absorbed as a whole. While a held paper is a fixed item, the score is a moment on a continuum. TMBO marks choreographer Rebecca Lazier's New York Live Arts debut with this commissioned movement-based realization of Terry Riley's seminal masterpiece IN C, performed with a live score by Dan Trueman in collaboration with members of two of today's most vital ensembles, SŌ Percussion and Mobius Percussion. Created along with a diverse group of artists, designers and scientists, and featuring an international cadre of performers, the work questions the role of presence, performer agency and collective decision-making to create emergent forms." -- from Amazon book description

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