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Jacket, Tights, and Accessories, Valse Directoire (ensemble)


Napoleonic style jacket, with second jacket attached and hanging like a cape over one shoulder, black wool tights with trim detail, a decorated hanging panel, and belt. This costume was worn by Ted Shawn in Valse Directoire also known as Josephine and Hippolyte. Shawn also wore the jacket in Straussiana, created in 1925.

Item Details:
C-288_a A red wool short tightly fitted jacket with pale blue wool cuffs and a high collar. The back, sleeves, and front are highly decorated with gold metallic woven trim and braid. The front opening is also decorated with brass buttons. The jacket is lined with pale blue silk satin and contains a label reading Ted Shawn. The second jacket is attached to the first at left shoulder and center back. The second jacket, worn like a cape, consists of a red wool jacket trimmed around the collar, opening, and hem with black trim (made to look like astrakhan). This second jacket is also lined with pale blue silk and has pale blue wool cuffs, it is also highly decorated with gold metallic trim on the back, front, and cuffs. Made by Russell Uniform Company, which provided uniforms to the US Army and National Guard. Inside a label reads: Russell Uniform Co. 1600 Broadway, New York. Mr. Ted Shawn. Collar ... Chest 39. Date .... Order No. ...
C-288_b A pair of fine black wool tights, very high waisted with woven shoulder straps. The tights are decorated with bands of yellow and red finely woven trim over the hips and waist.
C-288_c A woven cotton waist belt covered with red, cream, and gold lurex woven trim. The metal buckle is decorated with the image of a lion and crown and the words 'Dieu Et Mon Droit'
C-288_d A hanging panel of red stiffened wool decorated with red woven ribbon and braid. Attached to the top are two leather straps with buckles so that they can be attached to a belt.
Wool, Silk, Metal, Cotton

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