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Denishawn Travel Shots in Orient; Koshiro Matsumoto

Moving image

1925 – 1926
Denishawn Dancers in rickshaws, Tokyo; River Ganges, day of solar eclipse, Parvati's Day; boy acrobats, streets of Bombay; June Rhodes in ricksha, Singapore; home of Dr. Kungpah King in Peking, with Mei Lan Fang giving Ruth St. Denis one of his costumes and her modelling it; Denishawn Dancers riding camels in Karachi; The Golden Temple in a city north of Lahore; The Jamma Masjid "Friday Mosque" with Ruth St. Denis & Ted Shawn; Cambodian boys playing with wicker balls; work elephants with logs, brief glimpses of Abdul; party at Malacanan Palace, Manila, hosted by General Leonard Wood and Mrs. Wood with General Weigel, Major Burton Read, Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn, Mary Howry and other Denishawn Dancers. Koshiro Matsumoto, his wife Mme. Fujima and teachers from the Fujima School photographed on the roof of Tokyo's Imperial Theatre, 1925, with Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn and Denishawn Dancers. Greetings, then Denishawn Dancers take lesson from assistant teachers. Koshiro then performs all the important dances from "Momiji Gari" with assistants, followed by a dance called "Yasuna".
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Video transfers of films 17.3 and 17.8.