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Dances By Very Young Choreographers

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June 30 2001
Doris Duke Theatre
Thalia; choreography: Katie Jansen. Walkies; choreography: Birdy Sahagian. Mrs. Witherspoon and Percy; choreography: Julia Mounsey. Chrysalis; choreography: Alexa Hubbard. Lineage; choreography: Lingji Hon. Children of War; choreography: Ariane Rockoff-Kirk. Who Needs Lessons!; choreography: Lola Guerrero. All Piled Up; choreography: Irene Krugman. This is Mine; choreography: Maya Macdonald. Superperson; choreography: Anny Oberlink. For the Joy of It; choreography: Irene Krugman, Elena North-Kelly, and Nell Timreck. The Leaf; choreography: Maia Sage Eramansons. Follow Me!; choreography: Hannah Dunn. Cell; choreography: Lindsey Rose Aguero-Sinclair. Oblivious Me; choreography: Khalia Young. 3 by Me; choreography: Nina Stoller-Lindsey. Blue Note Ballet; [discussed, not performed] choreography: Cristie Candland. The Garden Party; choreography: Ellen Robbins.
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