Borrowed Light

Ted Shawn Theatre
July 11 – 15 2012
Shaker Songs Include: "In Yonder", "Solemn Song", "Clamanda & March", "Mother Ann's Comforting Promise", "Holy Order Song", Unnamed dance tune, "Repentance", "I Have a Soul to be Saved or Lost", "Fall on the Rock", "Voice of the Angels of Mercy", "Virgins Clothed in a Clean White Garment", "Verdant Grove", "Simple Gifts", "Turning Shuffle Tune", "O ho, the Pretty Chain", "The Great Wheel", "Mother's Warning", "Mother Ann's Song", "Encouragement", "O Will You Sing Another Song", "Holy Mother's Protecting Chain"
Works Performed
Borrowed Light
Related Company
Tero Saarinen Company
Boston Camerata
Production Credits
Henrikki Heikkila (dancer)
Annika Hyvarinen (dancer)
Carl Knif (dancer)
Sini Lansivuori (dancer)
Natasha Lommi (dancer)
Pekka Louhio (dancer)
Maria Nurmela (dancer)
Tero Saarinen (dancer)
Tero Saarinen Company (company)
Boston Camerata (company)