Contemporary Program: Week 1 Performance

World Premiere
Inside/Out Stage
July 18 2015
Under the direction of international master teacher Milton Myers, Contemporary Program dancers are mentored in becoming versatile performers by training with a different choreographer each week. To conclude their first week of professional advancement study, dancers will share a work-in-progress created on them by Brian Brooks, Artistic Director of Brian Brooks Moving Company.
Production Credits
Jasmine Chiu (dancer)
Christian Allen (dancer)
Anica Bottom (dancer)
Antuan Byers (dancer)
Cassidy Fulmer (dancer)
Sarah Pippin (dancer)
Nicholas Garlo (dancer)
Madison Hicks (dancer)
Marquise Hitchcock-Jones (dancer)
Gianna Jacmacjian (dancer)
Alysia Johnson (dancer)
Amarachi Korie (dancer)
Matthew Mclaughlin (dancer)
Megan Myers (dancer)
Julian Nichols (dancer)
Dana Pajarillaga (dancer)
Jerard Palazo (dancer)
Adrien Picaut (dancer)
Regan Samson (dancer)
Roberto Seller (dancer)
Joel Walsham (dancer)
Christopher R. Wilson (dancer)
Nicole Smith (dancer)