Characterized by pausing, snapping, gliding, bone breaking, hat tricks, animation, and contortion, flex is a form of street dance that has evolved from the Jamaican bruk-up found in dance halls and reggae clubs in Brooklyn. This electrifying phenomenon is showcased at the Armory in a new project that confronts issues of social injustice, with the dancers exploring personal narratives through their own unique movement vocabulary in post-modern dance. Created in the era of unrest following rulings on Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York City, this powerful new work is staged by visionary director Peter Sellars and flex pioneer Reggie (Regg Roc) Gray in collaboration with a crew of 21 flex dancers from the very neighborhoods where the movement first took shape. Performing both as individuals and in groups to choreography created by the ensemble itself, the dancers utilize their breathtakingly beautiful movement to tell deeply human and sometimes heart-wrenching stories that address these troubling issues of our time. (http://www.armoryonpark.org/programs_events/detail/flexn)
Country of Origin
United States
Epic B
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FLEXN, August 17 – 21 2016
Work Credits
Reggie (Regg Roc) Gray (choreographer)
Peter Sellars (choreographer)
Epic B (arranger)