Balance and Imbalance

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Park explores the sounds made by the body and the movements made by sound; an experiment between East and West, a study of differing movement sensations. Whipped on by drums, two then four, and finally five dancers drive themselves on and on. A master of ceremonies bellows orders. People follow these orders - or not. We get the impression that these people are intimately rooted in their Far-Eastern cultural circles. To the unbroken rhythm of the drums they develop a clarity and power that goes beyond national borders as their unabashed physical control - somewhere between breakdance, artistry, and urban coolness - simultaneously illuminates and criticizes their traditions. A Brief Story of Sugungga: Once upon a time, there lived the king of the seas underwater. One day, the king got sick. Gosh, the only way to live is to eat a rabbit's liver! So, the king sent a turtle to catch a rabbit. Turtle wandered around and found a rabbit. Then the turtle coaxed the rabbit by saying how many valuable things and delicious food there are underwater. Rabbit believed the turtle and followed him. But as soon as they arrived at the underwater palace, the rabbit was caught by a soldier. In a deadly danger, the rabbit said, "King of the seas, if you needed my liver, you should have told me so before. Because so many people want to take away our livers, we take it out, clean it and hide it behind a rock. If you let me go up to the land, I'll get my liver for you." The king ordered the turtle to take the rabbit back up. When they arrived on land, the rabbit disappeared into the trees. The turtle went back to the sea alone.
Country of Origin
Live music: Traditional Korean percussion and Pansori Sugungga
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Balance and Imbalance, June 29 – July 3 2016
Work Credits
Soon-ho Park (choreographer)