Musical Theatre Dance Program: Week 2 Performance

Inside/Out Stage
August 13 2016
Award-winning Broadway artists working in the industry today train and coach an international ensemble of performers in the Musical Theatre Dance Program. To cap their second week of study, the group shares works set on them by Guest Choreographer Bill Hastings and Program Director Chet Walker, who choreographed Pippin, the Tony Award winner for Best Musical Revival. This week, program performers have participated in daily vocal performance sessions with renowned singer, performer, and producer Lucie Arnaz.
37m 0.0s
Directed by John Fischer, with percussionist Dan Gross
Production Credits
Lucy Austin (dancer)
Chahreddine Benmira (dancer)
Brittany Bigelow (dancer)
London Brison (dancer)
Hugo Brument (dancer)
Larissa LongSee (dancer)
Amber Davis (dancer)
Laurine Dalbin (dancer)
Lisette Glodowski (dancer)
Cajai Fellows Johnson (dancer)
Svetlana Khoruzhina (dancer)
Taylor Kurtz (dancer)
Colin Lemoine (dancer)
Camden Loeser (dancer)
Sanja Milosevic (dancer)
Drew Minard (dancer)
Branko Mitrovic (dancer)
Tanner Murray (dancer)
Jenni Poole (dancer)
Rodolfo Santamarina (dancer)
Evangelia Stamati (dancer)
Alejandro Vina (dancer)
Jarvis Williams (dancer)
Luka Zivkovic (dancer)
Chet Walker (director)
Bill Hastings (director)
Lucie Arnaz (musical director)
John Fischer (musical director)
Dan Gross (musical director)
Kyle Pleasant (director)