All Styles Dance Battle 2018

Doris Duke Theatre
Event Date
July 1 2018
Ephrat Asherie and Ousmane (Omari Mizrahi) Wiles host an All Styles Dance Battle with Festival artists, participants of the Gaga Program of The School at Jacob’s Pillow, New England-based street artists, 2018 Pillow staff, and more. Judges were Krystal Butler, Jolet Creary, Break Easy, Bret Easterling, and Mega.
Event Credits
Bret Easterling (is speaker)
Bgirl Mega (is speaker)
Jolet Creary (is speaker)
Krystal Butler (is speaker)
DJ DP One (is speaker)
Break Easy (is speaker)
Byron Tittle (participated)
Anna McDunn (participated)
Paula Modafferi (participated)
Tyler (Party Pat) Brown (participated)
Peter (P-Boogie) Reynolds (participated)
Mckenzie (participated)
Raúl Bermúdez (participated)
Jumana Al Refai (participated)
Todd Baker (participated)
Eli Shi (participated)
Haley Williams (participated)
Sarah Frangenberg (participated)
Klassic (participated)
Chill (participated)
Dirty Dan (participated)
MJ2 (participated)
Esosa (participated)
Eva Bust A' Move (participated)
Phoenix (participated)
Jasmine McPherson (participated)
Miki Tuesday (participated)
Moglee (participated)
Mikro (participated)
J9 (participated)
Ephrat (Bounce) Asherie (moderator)
Ousmane (Omari Mizrahi) Wiles (moderator)
Lamaree Wilson (participated)