All Styles Dance Battle 2019

Doris Duke Theatre
Event Date
June 30 2019
All Styles Dance Battle hosted by Nemesis and DJed by DJ DP One. Participants include Festival artists, participants of the Flamenco & Spanish Program of The School at Jacob’s Pillow, New England-based street artists, 2019 Pillow interns, and more. The judges are Abby Zbikowski, Norton Owen, Melissa Martinez, Sabrina Allard, and Jolet Creary.
Event Credits
Brittany Pace (participated)
Tyler (Party Pat) Brown (participated)
Andres (Lil Beast) Ramirez (participated)
Peter (P-Boogie) Reynolds (participated)
Glendale Jones (participated)
Klassic (participated)
Jasmine McPherson (participated)
Miki Tuesday (participated)
Anthony “Laiden” John (participated)
Marquise Adeleye (participated)
Madison Clark (participated)
Coal Rietenbach (participated)
Alex Gossen (participated)
Aqeela Ali (participated)
Dinorah Crespo (participated)
Ra Ruiz Leon (participated)
Sayra Valera (participated)
Jayden Chan (participated)
Jaydin De Jesus (participated)
James Chaplin (participated)
Janine (participated)
Faith Saunders (participated)
Gabriel Francis (participated)
Kaylee Millis (participated)
Jayvon Jessup (participated)
Luzy Rivera (participated)
Dashawn Davis (participated)
Dan Marinelli (participated)
Jalisa Jessup (participated)
Shanice McKenzie (participated)
Jungle (participated)
Koran (participated)
Abby Zbikowski (is speaker)
Norton Owen (is speaker)
Melissa Martinez (is speaker)
Sabrina Allard (is speaker)
Jolet Creary (is speaker)
DJ DP One (is speaker)
Nemesis (moderator)