Tethered features three duets that investigate the underlying ethics in partnering.  Sensed highlights orientation, proximity, and touch. This duet focuses on the formal features of partnering through mediated interaction with wearable sensors that capture and sonify the relational movement.  Distrust is informed by tango vocabulary. This duet focuses on the role of trust in navigating ambivalent situations driven by desire.  IMPACT investigates shared agency as the two dancers make deliberate choices in order to obscure and reveal their physical intentions.

Sensed; choreography: Ilya Vidrin. Distrust; choreography: Valeria Solomonoff & Orlando Reyes. IMPACT; choreography: Ilya Vidrin
Country of Origin
United States
Sensed: Ilya Vidrin Distrust: arranged and interpreted by Nick Danielson, “La Cumparsita”; Chavela Vargas, “Paloma Negra”
Related Productions
Tethered (2019), July 24 2019
Work Credits
Ilya Vidrin (choreographer)
Ilya Vidrin (composer)
Valeria Solomonoff (choreographer)
Orlando Reyes (choreographer)
Nick Danielson (arranger)
Chavela Vargas (composer)