Interns: Beyond Done (2019)

World Premiere
Doris Duke Theatre
August 23 2019
Slideshow by Grace Kathryn Landefeld

Curtain Speech
Kelly Schmidt

Storyboard Meeting
The Company

PillowTalk: Festival 2019: The Making Of
Hallie Chametzky, Danielle Mastricola

“Video” Vignettes
Circa: Alta Millar
Ballet BC: Haley Edmondson, Fiona Scruggs, Sienna Jessurun, Morgan Weigle with Emily Vivina
Umanoove “The Anxiety Project”: Alta Millar, Sienna Jessurun, Madalyn Rupprecht, Danielle Mastricola, Victoria Burrow
Mark Morris: Morgan Weigle with Martin Benesh, Madison Clark, Marquise Adeleye, Athziri Morales
Caleb Teicher & Conrad Tao: Coal Rietenbach & Haley Edmondson
Production floor changeover
A.I.M: Hallie Chametzky, Sienna Jessurun, Brenna Dillon with Suzanne Faison as the bat
THE DAY: Madalyn Rupprecht, Danielle Mastricola
Red Sky: Danny Rivera, Marquise Adeleye
Land on Which We Dance // Monsoon

Cast Party
The Company
Featuring: Annie Peterson & Martin Benesh as Coal Rietenbach & R. Sumi Matsumoto and Diane Wortis as Diane Wortis
1h 9m 0.0s
Works Performed
Interns: Beyond Done
Production Credits
R. Sumi Matsumoto (performer)
Hallie Chametzky (performer)
Basha Nachman (performer)
Sienna Jessurun (performer)
Danielle Mastricola (performer)
Alta Millar (performer)
Katie Harding (performer)
Elizabeth Long (performer)
Aurelia Lemarier (performer)
Morgan Weigle (performer)
Haley Edmondson (performer)
Brenna Dillon (performer)
Grace Kathryn Landefeld (performer)
Marquise Adeleye (performer)
Martin Benesh (performer)
Madison Clark (performer)
Suzanne Faison (performer)
Athziri Morales (performer)
Danny Rivera (performer)
Kelly Schmidt (performer)
Annie Peterson (performer)
Madalyn Rupprecht (performer)
Fiona Scruggs (performer)
Andie Knudson (performer)
Coal Rietenbach (performer)
Emma Havranek (sound designer)
Emily Vizina (sound designer)
Anna Brevetti (lighting designer)
R. Sumi Matsumoto (director)
Emily Vizina (performer)
Diane Wortis (performer)