Festival Recordings



1967 – 2003 ( )


Formats include DAT, MiniDisc, audio cassette tapes


1 box

Scope and content

This sub-series contains audio recordings of PillowTalks and post-show talks during the years 1999-2003 (mostly 1999-2002). Some DAT tapes are not labeled. Also includes two audio cassettes from 1997, NPR Radio Artscape (2 tapes) recorded in 1992 and one tape in 1991, "Dancing the Music Robert Kapilow 8/22/96", Sean Curran interview (no date), "Ruth St. Denis in conversation with Joseph Robinson (ca. 1960), "Ted Shawn on the 25th Anniversary of the Ted Shawn Theatre" recorded on July 9, 1967. There are also four tapes labeled "Ampolo Thesis" "Thesis" and "Destine 4" from July 1970 with Betty Poindexter, Walter Terry, Ted Shawn, Ruth Page, Jess Meeker, Barton Mumaw, Lonny Jo Gordon, Joe E. Marks III, Bhaskar, Manolo Nargas, Dick Crowley. These tapes are packaged together in white paper.

System of arrangement

Most tapes are packaged together by year, but others were rehoused to keep dates together. Items that were stored together were not separated.