Series 6: Books


Scope and content

Series contains books belonging to Jess Meeker relating to musical composition, theory and history

Collection Contents

A Companion to "The Art of the Fugue" Johann Sebastian Bach by Donald Francis Tovey, 1951
A Manual of Counterpoint by S. Jadassohn, 1902
An outline of the History of Music by Karl Nef, 1955
Counterpoint by Knud Jeppeson, 1939
Counterpoint by Walter Piston, 1947
Dance Composition and Production for High Schools and Colleges by Elizabeth Hayes, 1955
Elementary Counterpiont by Percy Goetschius, 1910
Harmony by Walter Piston, 1948
Instrumental Technique for Orchestra and Band by Joseph E. Maddy and Thaddeus P. Giddings, 1926
La Musique des Troubadours by Jean Beck,
Music of Western Civilization by Paul Henry Lang, 1941
Notes on Chopin by Andre Gide, 1949
Orchestration by Cecil Forsyth, 1929
Practical Orchestration by Arthur Olaf Andersen, 1936
Pronouncing Pocket - Manual of Musical Terms, 1936
Singing by Herbert Witherspoon, 1925
Sixteenth Century Counterpoint by Harold Heeremans, 1955
The Art of Enjoying Music by Sigmund Spaeth, 1933
The History of Music in Sound, vol. II. Early Medieval Music up to 1300, 1953
The Homophonic Forms of Musical Composition by Percy Goetschius, 1907
The Material used in Muscial Composition by Percy Goetschius, 1941
What to Listen for in Music by Aaron Copland, 1957