Jazz Tap Ensemble: Post-show Talk;Min Tanaka: Post-show Talk;Pilar Rioja: Post-show Talk;Temptations Walk: An Evening with Cholly Atkins;PillowTalk: Min Tanaka;PillowTalk: Chasing Rhythm's Tales: Traditions reflected in Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop;Intern Meeting: Tom Skelton and Beverly Emmons;Intern Meeting: Tom Skelton, Beverly Emmons; James Kitendaugh;Jazz Tap / Hip Hop Festival: Post-show Talk;Intern Meetings: In House Staff - Becky Van Den Heuval, Andy Markham, Robert Parslow; Beverly Emmons;PillowTalk: Capturing Dance on the Printed Page;PillowTalk: Capturing Dance Through Photography;PillowTalk: Dancing The Music Series;PillowTalk: Getting Inside a Dancer's Head--Stresses and Joys of Creativity;PillowTalk: Spaces of the Mind;Danny Buraczeski: Post-show Talk;Donald Byrd / The Group: Post-show Talk;PillowTalk : Tapping, Clapping and Stamping;PillowTalk: Cambodian Dance: A Primer;PillowTalk: Moving the Masses;PillowTalk: New Settings for Modern Dance;PillowTalk: Tapping, Clapping and Stamping;PillowTalk: The Choreographer / Composer Connection;PillowTalk: From Clubs and Streets to the Theatre;PillowTalk: Hubbard Street's New Direction;Paul Taylor Dance Company: Post-show Talk;American Indian Dance Theater: Post-show Talk;Ballet Hispanico: Post-show Talk;Ballet Hispanico: Pre-show Talk;Bebe Miller Company: Post-show Talk;Bebe Miller, Don Byron, Talvin Wilkes: Post-show Talk;Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Company: Post-show Talk;Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Company: Post-show Talk;Call Joe;Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble: Post-show Talk;Dana Reitz / Jennifer Tipton: Post-show Talk;Dance Theatre of Harlem: Post-show Talk;Danny Buraczeski: Post-show Talk;Danny Buraczeski: Radio Interview;David Dorfman and Jim Bouton: Interview;David Gere: Interview;David Gere: Interview;David Vaughan on Merce Cunningham;Don Byron: Radio Interview;Donald Byrd: Post-show Talk;Dr. Richard Bachrach, Parts 1 and 2;Dr. Richard Bachrach, Parts 3 and 4;Eiko and Koma: Post-show Talk;Elizabeth Streb / Ringside: Post-show Talk;Intern Meeting: Bill Beautyman;Intern Meeting: Bill Beautyman;Intern Meeting: Charles Marahrens/Tom Ruud;Intern Meeting: Charles Marahrens/Tom Ruud;Intern Meeting: Claudia Chouinard;Intern Meeting: Claudia Chouinard;Intern Meeting: Deborah Jowitt;Intern Meeting: In House Staff - Becky Van Den Heuval, Andy Markham, Robert Parslow;Intern Meeting: In House Staff - Katherine Ellin, Charles Schoonmaker, Bill Yehle;Intern Meeting: In House Staff - Liz Thompson and Linda Cliggett;Intern Meeting: James Kitendaugh;Intern Meeting: Kate Elliott;Intern Meeting: Kate Elliott;Intern Meeting: Kitty Cunningham;Intern Meeting: Luisa Kreisberg;Intern Meeting: Lyn Austin, Diane Wondisford; Kitty Cunningham;Intern Meeting: Maxine Glorsky;Intern Meeting: Maxine Glorsky; Kate Elliott;Intern Meeting: Sally Ann Parsons;Intern Meeting: Sally Ann Parsons;Intern Meeting: Tony Micocci;Intern Meetings: In House Staff - Ellen Rafel, Norton Owen; Liz Thompson, Linda Cliggett;Intern Meetings: Tony Micocci; Lyn Austin, and Diane Wondisford;John Cage: Talk;Jose Greco II: Post-show Talk;José Limón Dance Company: Post-show Talk;Lakshmi: Post-show Talk;Liz Thompson: Interview;Malavika Sarukkai: Post-show Talk;Merce Cunningham Dance Company: Post-show Talk;Meredith Monk: Post-show Talk;Muntu Dance Theatre & Curuband Dance Company: Post-show Talk;National Choreographers Retreat, Introductions;National Choreographers Retreat: Tape 1;National Choreographers Retreat: Tape 1;National Choreographers Retreat: Tape 2;National Choreographers Retreat: Tape 2;National Choreographers Retreat: Tape 2, End;National Choreographers Retreat: Tape 3;National Choreographers Retreat: Tape 3;National Choreographers Retreat: Tape 4;National Choreographers Retreat: Tape 4;Paul Taylor Dance Company: Post-show Talk;Paul Taylor Dance Company: Post-show Talk;Paul Taylor Dance Company: Radio Review;PillowTalk: "Where's the Sin in Sincere?";PillowTalk: Blacks in Ballet and the Rise of Dance Theatre of Harlem;PillowTalk: Choreographing the Spirit: A Conversation with Joanna Haigood;PillowTalk: Computing Dance: Merce Cunningham and the New Technology;PillowTalk: Cultural Climate in Israel;PillowTalk: Dance and Sports;PillowTalk: Dance as a Contact Sport: A Conversation with Edward and Linda Villella;PillowTalk: Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven;PillowTalk: Dancing The Music Series;PillowTalk: Dancing The Music Series;PillowTalk: Dancing To The Music Series;PillowTalk: Eiko and Koma;PillowTalk: Feet Talk To Me!;PillowTalk: Hand-Drawn Spaces: A Conversation with Merce Cunningham, Paul Kaiser, Shelley Eshkar, and David Vaughan;PillowTalk: Independence Day Independents;PillowTalk: Insects and Heroes: Paul Taylor on Bugs and the Shirley Temple Murders;PillowTalk: Inside the Pillow: The Making of a Choreographer with Susan Marshall and Ralph Lemon;PillowTalk: José Limón:  An Illustrated History;PillowTalk: José Limón: A Life Beyond Words;PillowTalk: Keepers of the Flame;PillowTalk: On Screen: Dance in the Twentieth Century;PillowTalk: Rites of Love: The World of Mark Morris;PillowTalk: Singing the Gospel;PillowTalk: Steve Paxton on Contact Improvisation;PillowTalk: The Underground Railroad and Other Tales: With Storyteller Diane Ferlatte.;PillowTalk: What Is Dance Series: Emotion;PillowTalk: What Is Dance Series: Extremity;PillowTalk: What Is Dance Series: Identity;PillowTalk: What Is Dance Series: Relationships;PillowTalk: What Is Dance Series: Text;PillowTalk: What Is Dance Series: Transformation;Sally Banes: Inside/Out Lecture;Stockholm 59 North, Soloists of the Royal Swedish Ballet: Post-show Talk;Susan Marshall: Post-show Talk;Ted Shawn's Fundamentals of Dance;Urban Bush Women: Post-show Talk;Mark Morris Dance Group: Post-show Talk;PillowTalk: What Is Dance Series: Narrative;PillowTalk with Twyla Tharp;PillowTalk: Steps in the Sand: Preserving American Dance;Mark Morris' World: Music, Movement, Metaphor;Lyon Opera Ballet: Post-show Talk;Dianne McIntyre and Lester Bowie: Post-show Talk;Twyla Tharp: Post-show Talk;PillowTalk: From the Horse's Mouth:The Motion Picture;PillowTalk: The Roots of HairStories
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PillowTalk: New Settings for Modern Dance


August 8 2001
Choreographer Doug Varone and scenic designer Wendall Harrington discuss their recent collaboration and visual elements in modern dance. Moderated by Maura Keefe.

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