Classical Dances And Costumes Of India
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Classical Dances And Costumes Of India


95 pages; b&w illustrations
It is both customary and sensible to introduce a book on dancing with a clear and brief description of the distinguishing features of the dance of which the book deals. In this case it should be explained without further ado that the main schools of classical Indian dancing do not lend themselves easily to either brevity or clarity, which is why books on even one style of Indian dancing usually have the effect of confusing instead of enlightening the reader. Here an attempt has been made to treat the main schools with the greatest clarity and economy, and in relation to each other. It is hoped that even the casual reader, in giving a cursory glance at the drawings, will get a strong impression of the essential precision which governs Indian dancing, and rid himself of the confused idea that the Indian dance consists mainly of snake-like movements of hips and arms.

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