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Melissa Hayden and Herbert Bliss; José Limón Dance Company; Ruth St. Denis


August 24 – 25 1951
Three Poems in Rhythm; choreography: Ruth St. Denis; music: Wells Hively and Sol Cohen. Pygmalion and Galatea; choreography: Herbert Bliss; music: Ravel. Gregorian Chant; choreography: Ruth St. Denis; music: recording from Monastery of Solesmes. Tonanzintla; choreography: José Limón; music: Fray Antonio Soler. Concert; choreography: José Limón; music: Bach. Dance with Scarf; choreography: Ruth St. Denis; music: Tchaikovsky. excerpt Swan Lake (Black Swan Pas de Deux); choreography: Herbert Bliss; music: Tchaikovsky. Nautch Dances; choreography: Ruth St. Denis; music: Nevin and Cadman. The Moor's Pavane; choreography: José Limón; music: Purcell arranged by Simon Sadoff.
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