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American Sampler: Annabelle Gamson, Barton Mumaw, Clive Thompson, Ellen Kogan, The Vanaver Caravan, Berkshire Ballet, The Jacob's Pillow Dancers


August 18 – 22 1981
1 program

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Barton Mumaw (describes)
Annabelle Gamson (describes)
Clive Thompson (describes)
Ellen Kogan (describes)
Nancy Lanier (describes)
Alex Bloomstein (describes)
Susan Tenney (describes)
Chris Posejpal (describes)
Stephan Koplowitz (describes)
Livia D. Vanaver (describes)
Toni Smith (describes)
Sharon Leahy Cooper (describes)
Rachel List (describes)
Terry Creach (describes)
Terrance Fister (describes)
Jim Lepore (describes)
Bill Vanaver (describes)
Jess Meeker (describes)
Will Welling (describes)
Amy Baptiste (describes)
Andrea Duffin (describes)
Joseph Mann (describes)
Arnolfo Mello (describes)
Deborah Blais (describes)
Karen Corey (describes)
Kristina Hotaling (describes)
Susan Pellegrinelli (describes)
Erin Randall (describes)
Daphne Vitolins (describes)
Amy Schwartz (describes)
Suzanne Polastri (describes)
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